Greg Norman im Interview bei BBC World News Sport Today

Der BBC-Reporter Chris Mitchell hat die Golf-Legende Greg Norman für BBC World News Sport Today Extra interviewt. Das Interview wird am Samstag, den 8. August um 4.30 Uhr, 19.30 Uhr, und am Sonntag, den 9. August um 12.30 Uhr auf BBC World News ausgestrahlt.

Greg Norman im Interview bei BBC World News Sport Today Extra - Foto: BBC World News Sport Today Extra
Greg Norman im Interview bei BBC World News Sport Today Extra – Foto: BBC World News Sport Today Extra

05.08.2015 / BBC / SPORT4Final / Frank Zepp:

Aus dem Interview:


The Open, how was that, to win that? Because that was as you’ve said and in your book you say, that was the one you really coveted because that was the spiritual home of golf if you like, to win The Open is the tournament to win above all others?

Greg Norman: “Well it is because I thought The Open, when I looked at The Open Championship it was, at the time, it was truly an open championship anybody could have gone, within a certain handicap, could have gone and qualified for The Open. And I thought that was great. So not only that I thought it was the sexiest trophy of all trophies in all sports, I always thought the Claret jug looked the sexiest. You know, perfect scale, the history behind it and you know it’s not a massive thing where you need three people to pick it up, you can actually hug it and do all that stuff so I thought it was a really cool trophy.”

How did you win it?

Greg Norman: “I just played pretty good golf that week I’ll be honest with you.”

The crowds loved you, the galleries loved you and you know you were different, you had the straw wide brimmed hat and you were from Australia and you were the Shark. Were you aware of your brand image at that point?

Greg Norman: “I don’t know whether I was aware of my brand image, I was very much aware of the connection I had with people. But I was always a big believer of be who you are and never change who you are. Jack Nicholas taught me that. Jack Nicholas taught me to be a very humble winner but be a great loser. Now, if you reach out and you broaden that out into every aspect of life, you’re actually embracing everybody.”


Greg Norman: “You’ve got to get out of this traditional box that golf is in, right. You have to open it up to these savvy, social media, connected with my device, to 70,000 followers if they’ve got a twitter account or to their best mates who live somewhere else in another part of the world. You have to open that up. If a kid wants to get in golf cart and put on loud music to go and play, let them do it.”


Greg Norman: “Absolutely!”

Loud music on a golf course? The members will be apoplectic.

Greg Norman: “Ah the members, the traditionalists, they’re going to go ‘oh you can’t do that’ but do you know what, if you want your club to survive, if you don’t want to have the burden of maintaining the golf course out of your own pocket you have to bring in the youth. You keep the platform the same, if somebody wants to play nine holes fine, right, they’re out there for an hour and a half, they’re gone, they may go and play with their son or their daughter, and they’re gone. But allowing that father, with their son and their daughter, if their son wants to play with their earphones on and listen to music while they go around, please let them have it. If they want to come out and dress a little bit different, it’s okay.”


Greg Norman: “I think surfing had an influence on how quickly I became a fairly good golfer. And I’ve had this discussion a few times with Kelly Slater, one of the great surfers in the world right. And he’s an excellent golfer, I mean he’s a scratch and maybe a plus handicaps golfer. Surfing is a great connector to golf because in golf you’re planted. Different then tennis, different then cricket, you know everything is moving your feet are moving in most other sports, in golf you’re planted, you’re static. But you’ve got to deliver a massive club head speed onto the back of a stationary ball, keeping your body in a perfect position to deliver that square cut shot. Surfing, a lot like it alright? You come in, you drop in on a wave, you’ve got water coming in behind you, you’ve got ripples on the wave, you’ve got to make this, you’ve got to drop in correctly, you got to balance yourself correctly and now you’re static on a board but that board is moving along and you have to deliver that message down that wave.”

Quelle: BBC World News Sport Today Extra

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