Tom Watson im BBC World News Interview

Der US-Golfer Tom Watson gewann die Open Championship insgesamt fünfmal. 40 Jahre nach seinem ersten Open-Titelgewinn in Carnoustie in Schottland spricht Watson mit Alex South von BBC World News Sport Today über seine faszinierenden Erinnerungen an die Open und wen er für den besten Golfer heute hält.

BBC World News strahlt am 11. und 12. Juli ein Interview mit Golferlegende Tom Watson aus: 

11. Juli 14.30 Uhr

12. Juli 02.30 Uhr; 09.30 Uhr, 21.30 Uhr

Tom Watson im BBC World News Interview - Copyright BBC World News Sport Today Extra
Tom Watson im BBC World News Interview – Copyright BBC World News Sport Today Extra

11.07.2015 – BBC / SPORT4Final / Frank Zepp:

Highlights aus dem Interview:

Andrews and the rich history of The Open:

“This year is the 2015 Open championship at St. Andrews and most likely it will be my last and I’m looking forward to that. Every time people say “well what’s St Andrews like? What is it like in an Open Championship? Or what is it just like normally?” And I say, when you get to the first tee you look around and you see this huge expanse of fairway all the way over to the buildings to the left, you see this long shot to the burn over there, but I mean you’ve got acres to hit the ball into. It starts you off with a hand shake, a very simple drive (laugh) but then you realize that on that little small turf, patch of square turf on that ground, have walked the greatest players in the game. I mean, not from just recent history, or a century ago, but prior to that. That gives you a comprehensive sense of the game, it makes you feel like you’ve walked the same grounds as the greatest that have ever played and the stories that go along with them, and there are so many stories that go along with them.”

On just missing out on winning the 2009 Open at the age of 59

“It was extremely disappointing to not win because I had it within my grasp and I hit the shot at the 18th hole, that I’d hit the same shot over again. It probably caught a gust of wind, some people claim that it did and an extra gust of wind that pushed it over the green …

Quelle: BBC World News Sport

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